+ TES: Skyrim verse only.
+ Dragonborn. (And willing to RP with other dovahkiins.)
+ Paragraph RP preferred, but able to do icon + dialogue format.
+ Asks are adored.

I think I know what I am doing this summer! Aside from hard core working out. ;)

shooting star ring set - $6
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"Deerly Beloved" Headband available at LunarKittenCreationsMore colors & styles of antlers/horns will be available soon! x

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Strychnine Necklace from Storenvy seller CristinaBeller
Price: $12.00

I also got this in the mail today, Sailor Moon’s Moon Crisis transformation brooch as a necklace. It’s from Kuma Crafts on Storenvy, She has the other brooches as necklaces and other stuff as well. I wanna buy more of her stuff!